A Wasteful Duo

wheat penny

The second installment of “Waste Not” deals with our old friend and nemesis, money.


I’m not a big spender.


But, where I do tend to spend and then create waste bleeds into my third “Waste Not”  thought, for the New Year, which is to waste less food.

cooking saves money

That’s my shortcoming.  I either buy food at the market with the intention of making a wonderful meal, that never materializes.  Or, I make the meal and the left overs go to waste.  Either way, this is a “twofer” in my world of wanting to waste less.  You know, a “two for one” deal – wasting less food leaves a smaller footprint on the Earth.  Wonderfully, it also leads to saving more money thereby creating a lager bank account for Uncle Sam to tax!

I know HOW to fix this problem – it’s the effort required in the implementation,


That is the stumbling block!

Excuse #1 – Accept that grocery shopping SUCKS!!!


You have to plan the meals, make the list, drive to the store, park the car, put the food in the cart, take the food out of the cart, pay ever rising prices for less food each week, push the cart out to your car, put the bags in the trunk, drive home, unload the trunk, bring the groceries into the house, hope you have room for the cold stuff in the refrigerator, put everything away, and THEN drag out ingredients (you literally just put away) to prepare a meal!


Somewhere between unload trunk and bring groceries into the house, I’m usually banging on the cell phone calling for my favorite Chinese food to be delivered.  And if my Veggie LoMein gets there BEFORE the cold stuff gets put away –


well a little cottage cheese in your milk will only up the protein value!

Excuse #2 – Beloved’s ever fluid, ever changing, never can figure out, what time he’s gonna be home schedule.  About 7 years into our marriage I finally gave up.

preston on planner

This year, Kitty bought him a white board for Christmas so he can plan out his monthly schedule – it’s yet to be unsealed!

flip it

Excuse #3 – I’m Lazy.  Really no fix for that.  I’m also stubborn and cranky.  And when push turns to shove “I don’t wanna”  and  “So what” become the fighting words of an oversized petulant child. And, middle fingers have been known to fly!

help button

Fortunately, none of these problems are insurmountable, with the implementation of a tiny bit of planning. Along with the slightest bit of effort, especially on my part.searching on the interwebz for recipes and techniques that would make the best use of my freezer on to how to best save cooked and unprepared foods.  There are literally wonderful sites with information everywhere!


Of course it really would help if Beloved would use his dang white board and get his time figured out!


I think we will put this plan into action right after we finish off the Papa John’s pizza that’s left over from last night’s debacle of, “What do you want for dinner and please make it something easy cause heaven knows I don’t feel like trying” lol!


Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic!

Next up – Not Wasting Love.

Oh, the twisted thoughts that spin round my head. Please share yours!

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