Free the Arctic 30, NOW!

free arctic 30free arctic 30

On the morning of September 18, 2013, two Greenpeace International activists were arrested as they protested Arctic oil drilling on the Gazprom platform, Prirazlomnaya, in the Pechora Sea off the Russian coast.

map of greenpeace seized ship

They were held overnight without charges or legal representation aboard a Russian Coast Guard vessel.

The following day, September 19, the Russian Coast Guard then illegally boarded the Greenpeace International ship Arctic Sunrise while in international waters and is now holding 30 Greenpeace activists, including 6 Britons,  under armed guard.


Russian Coast Guard Vessel, just after firing 1 of 11 shots at the Greenpeace ship, The Arctic Sunrise.


Russian Coast Guard, in mask, threatening unarmed Greenpeace activist at knife point.

greenpeace-activists-ship gunpoint

Greenpeace activists being held at gunpoint by the Russian Coast Guard.  While, more soldiers repel from helicopters, to overtake the Arctic Sunrise.

Arctic Sunrise under tow

The Arctic Sunrise, with 30 activists still held hostage, being towed to the Russian Port of Murmansk;  where Russia is threatening to charge all 30 environmentalists, with piracy.

russia-openspace save activists

If you think that these men and women are being treated unjustly:

If you think drilling for oil, in the pristine Arctic region is wrong:

If you want Vladimir Putin to order the Russian Coast Guard to immediately free all the activists unharmed, holster their weapons and withdraw from the Arctic Sunrise:

You can sign the request from Greenpeace, found here,

Share this information with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or any way you can spread the word.

Timeline of events since Sept. 18, 2013.  Last update Sept. 24, 2013 17:45 – The crew has been told to prepare to leave the ship.  Greenpeace has no idea where they are to be taken.

peaceful resistance

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