Month: October 2011


On a good day, choosing a path and meandering around inside my mind is a fairly benign experience, comparable to the one may have while wandering through a maze. x x x Granted, there are a few unexpected twists and turns.  But, it is a maze; so isn’t that is to be expected? (ha, ha,…

Eyeball Therapy

Everyone, now and then, has a bad day.  Sometimes, it’s  just a little bit bad. x x But, every once and a while, there are days that really just suck! x x x x It’s days like these that we all need to indulge in a little bit of  personal therapy. x Some of us…

Given to Fly

Seems like over the past week, I’ve been privileged to be present during numerous types of “fly bys.” There was the Turkey Vulture Fly By over my back yard.  It was still mid morning and the warm air thermals were just right for this big guy to begin his ascent into the sky. Many things…


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