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Given to Fly

Seems like over the past week, I’ve been privileged to be present during numerous types of “fly bys.” There was the Turkey Vulture Fly By over my back yard.  It was still mid morning and the warm air thermals were just right for this big guy to begin his ascent into the sky. Many things … Continue reading

“Holy Poop! It’s Mavrick and Goose!”

It’s Game Day here in Aggie Land and that means it’s time for another installment of, “I Feel the Need . . . the Need for Speed.”  Also popularly known as, “What the heck was THAT thing flying over my house?” You might have guessed by now, due to all my lame Top Gun references, … Continue reading

B 52

Today I saw a B 52. x x No, not that kind of a B 52. This kind of a B 52! x x It is “in the neighborhood” to perform a flyover at Kyle Field during Saturday’s football game. Our “guest” seems to have arrived a bit early and I’m thinking he’s a bit … Continue reading