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Sunday Songs

All right boys and girls, tighten your belts and lace up your shoes, it’s time for everyone to climb into the WABAC machine. “Oh boy Mr. Peabody, where are we going today?” “Today Sherman, we will be traveling all the way back to the 20th century.” “I am hopeful that we will end up sometime…


They’re here! They’re here! They are finally here!  I have captured the moment in photos and wanted share! The 20th anniversary re- release of Pearl Jam’s VS. and Vitalogy albums in VINYL!!!  Yes, they are LP albums;  33 1/3 speed Long Playing record albums. And they sound so much better than a CD or MP3,…


Sunday is once again upon us and I feel moved to contemplate one of the most discussed and often controversial aspects of religion, Immortality.  When you break it down, it’s really the fuel that fires the teachings of almost every belief system ever known to mankind.  The notion that we can exist in some form…


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