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Sing to the tune of the chorus “We Are the Champions” We are the Bun Buns my friend, And we’ll keep on hopping till the end. We are the Bun Buns, We are the Bun Buns, Know we are happy, Cause we’re eating candeeeeee . . . Ha’py Easter Squee!

Bon Appetit

Good Morning!  Looks like we have a visitor today.  Hope everyone else enjoyed their breakfast as much as this little guy seems to! x x Belly on up to the bar and serve yourself.  Today’s special offering includes a unique variety of seeds that come without the shell.  That’s right.  No need to expend excess … Continue reading

The Squee

I have a niece.  Her name is Squee.  Ok, so it’s not really Squee. But, that’s what I call her, especially when I speak of her in the third person. Sometimes when I’m feeling really “hip” and “with it” and “cool” I’ve been overheard calling her The Squee. I started calling her Squee because when she … Continue reading