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Thank You!


Thank you so much, my dear friend, Uzoma.  You are so kind to send this award to me.  You know how much I enjoy your blog 85 Degrees.  It is a mixture of humor, beauty and truth.  For a quick sample, of what I am describing, head over and read High Mass! It’s so clever! …


It rhymes with “pie.”  And, in some parts of the world, it is the word for tea.  Yep, I’m talking about Chai tea.  Now, while there are a gazillion videos on You Tube demonstrating the art of preparing Chai tea; and it is an art (or at least it is a process that requires patience…

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes . . . I really wish I were a monkey!   x x x x And a small warning sign, hung on my cage door, would grant me absolution from the bad things I do. x x Sometimes  . . .  I wish the magnetic pole’s of the Earth would shift and the weather…


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