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Promise Me Not


I saw this on Facebook and once again wished more than anything there was a DISAGREE button.  Please know I am speaking as both a parent and a child. “I will STALK you” “I will FLIP OUT on you” “I will LECTURE you” “I will DRIVE YOU INSANE” “I will BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE” “I…

A Wasteful Duo


The second installment of “Waste Not” deals with our old friend and nemesis, money. I’m not a big spender. But, where I do tend to spend and then create waste bleeds into my third “Waste Not”  thought, for the New Year, which is to waste less food. That’s my shortcoming.  I either buy food at…

Waste Not Want Not


Yes, it’s a mere 8 days into the New Year and I’ve finally figured out what I want to try to improve upon, in the remaining 358 days. The overall goal is to be LESS WASTEFUL. Obviously, this is nothing revolutionary.  Except for the fact that this year, I’m approaching it with a plan that…


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