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Palin Thinks Jesus Celebrated Easter

WARNING:  If you read this post in a serious manner, this may happen to YOU!!!!  It did to me.  Thanks dailycurrant.com! Who is that hiding behind the silly clown glasses and big rubber nose? Why yes, it’s our favorite wacky escapee from the Tea Party Asylum, Sarah Palin! Today, in an interview on Fox and … Continue reading

After Christmas Gifts

After Christmas Gifts

Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration of the holidays, be it Christmas or something else.  We here at The Minefield were certainly blessed.  Santa was very good to us. We received the WiiU, Nintendo’s new game system.  One of the games we got was, Batman Arkham City. And you can’t have a new Nintendo system … Continue reading

T’aint the Season

It’s December 23rd – OK it’s after midnight so technically it’s December 24th – Christmas Eve.  And, I have to be blatantly honest, it just didn’t happen this year.  Try as I might, I could not seem to get “it” together.  x x x x This picture was taken the day after Thanksgiving -  when … Continue reading