The Amorous Anole

green lizard 01

Hey there, bright green anole

green lizard 07

Did I catch you flirtin’ with me?

green lizard 08

Givin’ me that big blue eye

green lizard 09

What a reptilian cutie pie!

green lizard 10

Shiny scales fitting you like a glove,

green lizard 06

Your cheeks are blushing the color of love!

green lizard 02

Huh? That’s not what you mean your dewlap to say?

green lizard 05

What you really want is for me, to go away!


We are lucky to have this little guy living on our patio.  From what I can find on the interwebz, I think he is a Carolina anole. 

The Carolina anole is an arboreal lizard found primarily in the southeastern United States and some Caribbean islands.  Other common names include, the green anole, American anole and red-throated anole. 

You can read more about him here, on Wikipedia.



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