Kitty Shalom

Shalom, from both Kitty and myself. 

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning “Peace.”


It’s a noun, a thing; which means when given the opportunity, can come into fruition.


This is the verb SHALAM.  It means to restore, or to be complete, or in a state of wholeness.


When one finds themselves “at peace” they usually feel whole, both in person and in spirit.


It is only fitting that the noun Shalom (peace) finds its roots in the verb, Shalam (to feel unified, completed).


The experience of Peace comes only when you seek to find, whatever it is that you need, to restore your self.


Facts and Stuff:

Kitty is wearing a Kippah (Hebrew) or a Yarmulke (Yiddish).

I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure out that Yarmulke is NOT spelled yamaka, yamacha, yamaha or yamaca, or a ton of other misspellings I invented.


The Hebrew letters in the word Shalom: Shin, Lamedh, Vov, Mem

My names for them:

The letter that looks like the iron in Monopoly,

A lower case i,

The letter 7 with a squiggle on top

And the letter that looks like a trident.


Oh, and I forgot Hebrew is read right to left – and I’ve known that forever!


If I have any or all of this information wrong, please forgive me.

6 thoughts on “Shalom

  1. From what I can tell it’s all right. And Shalom Alecha, peace be with you. And if you have any questions about the Hebrew, why don’t you ask that guy with the yamulke, Mr. Katz?


    • I love the name of your blog! And yeah, I spent this month really thinking about peace and really trying to get in touch with what it means to me. It turned out to be a whole lot deeper and complex than I expected! And now, I want it more than ever!


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