A Season’s Reason: Final Peace

Cemetery Peace

Lyrics by Eddie Vedder

Song: Swallowed Whole

Album: Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam

Photo: Liesa Orlea

cow and wreath

Hope I wasn’t too MOOOOOurnful with my “peace” post.  I can’t get Pearl Jam off my brain!  Tomorrow will be cheerier!

4 thoughts on “A Season’s Reason: Final Peace

  1. Have you seen this video of Eddie Vedder singing “No More”?

    This was at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival on Sept 11, 2007, following the screening of ‘Body of War’.

  2. Just watched a documentary called “West of Memphis” about the West Memphis 3 case. Think it was on HBO? Anyway, I thought of you the whole way through because Eddie is a big supporter of the WM3 and he appeared in it often. Tragic case – glad there are people like Eddie with such big hearts. Love ya!

    • The WM3 were finally freed this year after all evidence pointed to them not being guilty. Yeah, Eddie and Pearl Jam are involved in a lot of good things. It makes you proud to be a fan of not just their music but of also their actions that support their beliefs. Love all you guys too!

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