Reuse and Repurpose Realistically!

From the Blog, comes “30 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Old Stuff.”



Some of the projects require knowledge and patience, I will never possess.  Would love to have a piano fountain – It is never gonna happen! Nope! Nada!


Others, I could see myself accomplishing – maybe.

** Colored Plastic Hanger Room Divider – granted it’s a bit bright, but you could use  pastel colored hangers and it looks like a project I could physically handle!



** Toilet Paper Rolls used to organize cables in a box.  I got more cables than there are grains of sand on the beach!  What a unique idea to keep them in one place as opposed to wadded up and stuffed into whatever drawer still has a micrometer of empty space.  And, this is the time of year for over stuffing one’s face with rich food, so there won’t be a shortage of empty TP rolls.



** Glass Marble Fence Decor. I did this as a kid and got in trouble for sticking things in the fence and making the holes bigger.  Go figure.  My parents’ idea of destructive hooliganism is another person’s outlet of artistic expression.



** Old Books Into Shelves.  This is probably my favorite idea.  I think books are so beautiful.  I spend as much time enjoying their beautiful binding as I do reading their words. 



Right now, I’m still trying to put away the Autumnal feel of Thanksgiving’s Orange and Brown so it doesn’t clash too harshly with Christmas’s vibrant Red and Green.

red green paper - Copy

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