I Seem To Recognize Your Face

postop eye2

Well, I survived! 

The cataract is gone and I am the current owner of a giant dilated eyeball!

Pre-surgery wasn’t painful.  Lots of warm blankets and TLC.


Surgery wasn’t painful.  I could feel the doctor digging around in my eye, but it didn’t hurt.

And I’ve had no pain since the surgery.

blurry kitty

Everything is still very blurry, but I can now see shapes and movement out of my eye!  Yea!!!!

kitty at the corner

Proper Kitty picture inserted upon demand of Kitty!

The Doctor was amazing – he managed to pop that old cataract sucker out like a giant zit – (sorry if you are reading this while eating) and he didn’t have to use any stitches (thought he was going to have to put in at least 6 or 7)

eyeball ball

The nurses were amazing – kept feeding me just enough “stuff” to keep me calm so that I didn’t panic and climb off the table.  They also gave me apple juice and a peanut butter bar.

Now, the tissue swelling has to go down and I should be good to go.

A huge


to everyone who sent me good thoughts and prayers!  Your kindness means the world to me!


And lucky Beloved, he gets to sleep with a hot pirate wench HAHAHA!

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