“Everything’s Better . . .

with Blue Bonnet on it!”

Bluebonnet margarine

No, this isn’t going to be a blog about margarine.  But, every time  I hear people talk about Bluebonnets (and that’s all of the time, here in Texas) I always think of that old commercial.

Texas bluebonnet

Yes, Bluebonnets are a really big deal,

here in the “Big T.”

bluebonnet texas state flower

They are the Texas state flower; and every spring they cover the landscape, in a deep pallet of blue.

bluebonnets along the highway

For a 4 to 6 week period, they blossom along highways, across empty fields,  just about everywhere. 

Bluebonnets along fenceline

There are numerous web pages directing you to the best viewing areas and peak blooming times.  The reason being a strange ritual that accompanies the arrival of these blue beauties each and every spring.

babies sitting in bluebonnets

Level headed, safety conscious parents,

who would normally scold their kids for playing in dirt,

for fear of soiling their clothes;

throw caution to the wind, abandon all common sense, 

adorn their children in their Sunday best

and plop them down in dirt, smack dab amongst a field of flowers,

so that they can capture their annual spring bluebonnet picture.

Well, as the song says . . .

Chicken in Bluebonnets

Birds do it,

Bride in bluebonnets

Brides do it,

Longhorn eating bluebonnets

Cows with big long pointy horns do it.

Horse standing in bluebonnets

Horsies do it,

Rattle snake in bluebonnets

Let’s do it too!


Whoa – hold on  – I knew there was a good reason  I don’t go meandering through fields of tall, thick, flowers. Along with Bluebonnets, Texas also has it’s share of rattlesnakes!

beltane may pole

To be honest, even after 12 years here in the Lone Star State, I’m still much more comfortable with Oregonian traditions; like people gathering together in a park and dancing around a pole decorated with ribbons.

preston in blue hat

“Um, if it’s OK with you, could we get this silly hat off my head. I think I’m much more suited to that park dancing thing.”

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