Baby Facepalm

This post will contain few words, because I’m not sure what to say.  Everyone else may have already seen the iPotty.  But, it is nauseatingly new to me.

ipotty box

This is it.

iPotty lid down

Lid on.

ipotty lid up

Lid off.

ipotty demonstration

In use.

And, for when junior is finished having a tinkle or taking a dump . . .

ipad baby case

they need a laugh and learn carrying case.  Heaven knows, you wouldn’t want him/her to not enjoy the mobility an iPad offers.


Children imitate what they see their parents doing.  Maybe it’s time for mom and dad to put down the mobile technology, and slowly back away!  Maybe that’s good advice for all of us, potty trained or not.


I guess the acceptance, of such an idea, is the “natural” evolution from the kids that grew up watching TV all day.  Somehow, this just seems more egregious.  Give the kid an ABC book and let him learn to diddle.


I believe I have officially achieved old and crotchety!

Lest you think I am kidding, about the existence of these products:


Sorry, iPotty is temporarily out of stock!


13 thoughts on “iPotty

  1. You are kidding! What next? Mom and Dad put down your technology and relate face to face with your child. Yes, I am a baby boomer. I use email to keep in touch, but would rather use my “flip” phone to actually talk to people rather than text. Where is the human contact/touch?


  2. Wow. It’s sad, but I’m quite sure it will become a best seller.

    My older kids only get 30 min a day and my littles get 15 on my, uh I mean Noah’s iPad, but it seems like our lives still revolve around it.

    Can’t wait to have a long list of old fashioned farm chores to get through before screen time!


    • I think part of the reason so many kids cling to electronic entertainment because they have forgotten how to play outside. So many kids, including mine, were never allowed to run free and wild because of fear of someone stealing them. The farm will be such a blessing to you and your family! You guys deserve it!


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