WordPress Blogs Hit by Bots

Have you noticed an increase in spam comments recently appearing, on your blog?

blog spam

I have.

Apparently, WordPress is under a massive attack by hackers, with the capability to run over 100,000 bots.


Evidently, the attacks are primarily aimed at wordpress.org blogs.

Those with wordpress.org, also known as a self hosted wordpress blog, need to strengthen their passwords and make sure their user name is NOT “admin.” 

Downloading a plug-in to limit the number of login attempts, to your blog, is also a good idea. 

The best defense may be to change your user name to something rather obscure, since the hackers have over 90,000 IP address at their disposal. 

This TechCrunch article, Hackers Point Large Botnet At WordPress Sites To Steal Admin Passwords And Gain Server Access is helpful and easy to understand.

Now . . .

If you have a wordpress.com site, the folks at wordpress, where your blog is hosted, are working at a feverish pace, to protect you. 

The .com sites can’t use plug-ins, but they can use two factor authentication.  This involves downloading a Google Authenticator App to your smart phone.  It generates a new random numerical password every 30 seconds.  If you don’t have a smart phone, you can have the code sent to you by text.

Quoting wordpress.com support, “the attacks are against WordPress.ORG installs that still have the default “admin” user – If you are on WordPress.COM – this  means there is a whole army of people working to keep your blog safe from the bots.”

So, Bernie and Lee and Nevele and Julia and all you other “bots” out there -


Hands off my blog and . . .


“Don’t hack the hair – man!”

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