Weekend Agenda, Darn it

The date of April 15th falls on a Monday, this year.  For the majority of folks, who pay United States Federal Income Tax, that means they will spend this weekend starting, finishing, proofreading and/or filing their tax returns; which must be postmarked before the bell tolls at midnight on April 15th, 2013. 

The Taxman has been know to occasionally pay an unwelcome call on “The Minefield.”  Here’s a short tribute, in remembrance, of his last visit.

Sorry for being a lousy follower, to all the blogs I read.

wearing cranky pants

I’ve had a raging ear ache for the past few days and I am cranky!

Looking forward to feeling better and once again enjoying your blogs.


Plus, I’m also dealing with Paul McCartney v2.0 and his new hair do!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Agenda, Darn it

  1. Jodi – I’ve been looking around for your blog. I thought perhaps it wasn’t coming in through my reader for some reason. I do hope you are feeling on top of the world soon. Taxes – oh yes – let me pay more taxes, that will enable congress to pay themselves that six figure+ retirement you read about – I may need to join kitty soon with a saucer of milk.


    • I’m still here lol! But just as a side note, My wordpress reader has been quite unreliable! I changed to “The Old Reader” for my RSS feed and it seems to be a bit better. Of course, since Google is shutting down their RSS feed – every other reader is now over loaded with new people trying their service. It took over 2 weeks to load my blogs into TOR – due to the fact that their servers were crashing. I think WP needs to work on their interface, soon! And yes, I hope whoever ends up with all that money we just dropped in the mail enjoys themselves! Dang – I’m still smarting over it!


  2. Love my grand kitty’s new “hair don’t!” (Maddie’s description). Hope you are feeling better and your taxes are done!
    Love you, Sea Star


    • Taxes are done! Halleluiah! And we are still not in federal prison LOL!!!! Tell Squee, kitty will have a new hair do (or don’t) soon. My ear is still saying “hello” but in a much softer voice, so it seems to be on it’s way to getting better.
      Love you all very much!
      Innocent Bystander whose kitty thinks he’s Paul!!!!!


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