Only when . . .

nature oregon

This is a picture of Valley of the Rogue State Park, in Southern Oregon.  I used to live about an hour from this spot.

I am an avid environmentalist, supporter of Greenpeace, WWF , Surfrider and other groups working to stop the destruction of natural habitats.

I also believe that there needs to be – there has to be – a balance between protecting our planet and allowing people to earn a living.

I lived in Oregon when the war between the lumber industry  and the environmentalists turned violent; as the ancient growth forest turned from a sacred place of quiet mystery to a violent and harmful battleground.

I sign petitions, I write letters, I wear the t-shirts (yep, it’s easy to spot me down here in Texas – lol).  I try very hard to walk the walk when it comes to how I live.

I try to implement re-using before choosing to recycle.

When I leave this planet for good, I want to leave it better than when I arrived.

Sometimes I feel like a salmon, fighting against the current, in a river of tar.

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