The Picture is Very Pretty

pink and blue

“Imaginea este foarte frumos”  I would imagine, this is a comment often heard by Moldovan artist, Ion Carchelan.  I first saw this painting on the blog arta in viata in luma.  And, it really caught my eye.

bird paradise

When I Googled Ion Carchelan, surprisingly there wasn’t an onslaught of information about him.  I love the placement of the birds relative to the cluster of berries.

fish and bird

He was born in Moldova, in 1966.  His painting have simple compositions, yet there is so much to see.


For those of you as geographically challenged, as I am.  Here is a map of Moldova.

eastern europe

And for those of us, who still struggle to find our way around Eastern Europe, here’s a better perspective.  As Offspring would patiently explain to me – while rolling his eyes, rolleye0014 “Mother, it’s about 3 inches to the right of the boot.”   Beloved would know that too, but I wouldn’t ask him.  Because he would delight in pointing out that after living here 6 years, I still get lost driving around our small town.  pointing-and-laughing


I was also made aware that this hat is part of the Moldovan National Costume for men.  Pisica destul de într-o pălărie.  “Of course, I look pretty in my hat!”

the startled cardnial

Carchelan is considered Moldova’s premier water color artist.  The light flowers are a wonderful contrast to the scarlet cardinal.


Over his 20 year career, he has captured many scenes of the Moldovan countryside.  I love the birds and berries!

meditation in flowers

I love the little kitty, in this picture.

big peacock

My favorite paintings are the ones with birds and berries.  The cascade of the peacocks feathers, mixed with the berries remind me of a ladies full skirt.


Even when movement is suggested, the pictures are still very serene. Very pretty how the wave of wind shows reflections, like a water wave.

ion big

I get an “old country” feel, when I look at these paintings.  But, they don’t seem antiquated.

large bird picture

I don’t know anything about art, or how to really discuss its elements and features.  But, I do know these paintings draw me in to them.  I want to stop and look and feel.  Treabă bine făcută, Mister Carchelan!  Job well done!

All paintings, by the artist, Ion Carchelan.

Other examples of Mr. Carchelan’s work can be seen on:

Ion Carchelan’s Homepage

The Little Gallery


Lucky Fish Gallery

Berkley Gallery

13 thoughts on “The Picture is Very Pretty

  1. These are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. And also thanks for the geography lesson. Eastern Europe is nothing but fuzz to me! :)
    Now I want one of his paintings!!


  2. All of the paintings are gorgeous. I particularly like the first one; the depth captured is truly amazing.
    I’ve always thought I’d love to dabble with paint one day… Perhaps when I retire..!!! :)


  3. Mydaily, The art work you put on display is fantastic. It was a pleasure, to look at each, thank you — Bill

    btw – also thank you for stopping at my blog and liking my current post. Please take care


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