Road Trip!

This blog is a pictorial representation of a very unique day.  A day in which I left my comfy blue chair, hopped into the car with Beloved and embarked upon a Road Trip!


And we’re off!



roadtrip 043


roadtrip 073


roadtrip 041

roadtrip 040

roadtrip 045


roadtrip 046


roadtrip 027

roadtrip 021

roadtrip 022


roadtrip 032


roadtrip 038


roadtrip 003

Ooooo – a video!

roadtrip 051

And now, we are home!

kitty box 017

12 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Lovely, I know the rivers with no water flowing for most of the time around the year here in Namibia too.
    You always get this expression “river? where is the water?” of people visiting you from Germany, whenever you show them around.


    • Thank you. I use free programs from the internet. Lunapic and Photoscape do everything I could ever want AND they are much more user friendly (at least for me) than photoshop. Both programs allow you to type all different types of text and effects on the picture. When I get stuck, googling the problem or looking at the Help menu usually answers my question. Let me know if you need any help. Oh, if you use a Mac – GIMP is very good and I think lunapic also works with a Mac. :)


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