The Lost Weekend

I have no idea where this weekend went.  I felt busy, the entire time.

But, I pretty much accomplished nothing!


Guess it’s time to run a checklist, just to see what happened:


Beloved came home.Dancing Red Heart


We watched Hockey – Hello Sydney Crosby! Hello Braden Holtby!


We played an insane amount of World of Warcraft!


Beloved was still home. Dancing Red Heart

Dallas Stars

We watched more Hockey!


My legs went numb, from sitting in front of the computer and playing an insane amount of World of Warcraft!


Beloved was home again, today.Dancing Red Heart


Yep, played even MORE World of Warcraft!

Charlie Brown

And, we watched the Super Bowl.  Including that gawd awful half time show.  May I suggest hiring Pearl Jam, if we must have a half time show next year??


Now, one may conclude, incorrectly – that the problem, with this weekend, was way too much World of Warcraft.  But, you see, I actually accomplished something in WoW.  Greet my new level 77 Night Elf Hunter.  “Ishnu-alah.”  That’s Darnassian for “Good Fortune to You.”  (I know her gear is crap, with the exception of Heirloom and Guild gear, she’s running solely on in-game quest rewards.)

Eddie my hunter's cat

This is her faithful companion, Eddie.  Yes, I tend to name everything Eddie.

Therefore, considering I did accomplish “something” in WoW, the obvious culprit and cause of my lost weekend is:

Dancing Red HeartBeloved!

kitty on the tree 015

“Just as long as every one understands that none of this nonsense, is in anyway, my fault!”

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