Month: February 2013

Thank You!


Thank you so much, my dear friend, Uzoma.  You are so kind to send this award to me.  You know how much I enjoy your blog 85 Degrees.  It is a mixture of humor, beauty and truth.  For a quick sample, of what I am describing, head over and read High Mass! It’s so clever! …

The Mushroom Man

many yellow mushrooms

Do you know The Mushroom Man?  Well, here he is, Paul Stamets.  He is an American mycologist (a biologist that studies fungi), author, and advocate of bioremediation (use of biological agents, such as bacteria or plants, to remove or neutralize contaminants, as in polluted soil or water) and medicinal mushrooms. He believes that mushrooms can…

It’s Lent – not Lint


I used to wonder why people thought it was such a big deal to give up lint. So, I have to clean my belly button for 40 days in a row? OK, I can do that. Chances are that as a kid, when I was bored, digging around in my belly button was on my list of things to do. As was checking for dirt between my toes! Hey, don’t laugh, Nintendo wasn’t invented yet. Granted, it took a while, but finally I got the gist of things.


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