This is NOT a Draft

wind draft

This can be a draft.

uncle sam draft

This can too.

beer on tap

Possibly, this is the most popular of drafts!

gee whiz

But, this is NOT supposed to be a draft.  It was supposed to be a Post!

“Gee Whiz, Thanks Guys” was the name of a post, written to acknowledge and thank the bloggers who write

 ArdentPT  &  Inside Public Minds


for giving The Minefield,  “A REALITY Blog Award.”


I wrote the post, proof read the post, saved the post and instead of clicking the giant, pulsating, blue PUBLISH button, which makes the post public,


I just left it in the draft file!

I’m beginning to think my award should read:

silly award

Shhh I'm trying to sleep

“You want to talk REALITY???  It’s getting darn close to my dinner time – FEED ME!”

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