Cat Box Catastrophe!


It’s one of the numerous joys experienced by each and every cat owner.  Yes, I speak of the odoriferous task known as scooping the litter box.

Our kitty, keeps his box in the guest bathroom.  We never have guests, so it’s a perfect location.

guest bath

See, it’s there, in the lower left hand corner.

And, yes, that is a large flip flop on my wall.  The bath is supposed to have an ocean/beach theme.

nanaseastarglassesgortons fisherman

Sort of like Seastar and El Capitán’s bathroom.  Only, they live by the ocean, so their decor makes more sense!

Anyway . . .

guest bath

Back to the task at hand.  Today, I wandered in to “use the facilities,” as one would delicately say.  I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and see if Kitty had left any “presents”, in his box.  While still comfortably seated,  I lifted off the box cover, picked up the scoop (not pictured), dug around in the sand, and found  . . . just what I was looking for.

kitty box 012

“Go ahead.  Tell them what you did next, Einstein.”

Well, I thought I’d be really smart, scoop the box, hop up, quickly spin around and toss his “gifts” into the loo.  Unfortunately, the whole process went terribly awry.


I think it was somewhere between the hopping and the spinning that I managed to throw the contents of the scoop everywhere!

Dust Storm

I had grains in my girdle, sand in my skivvies and litter in my lingerie!

kitty box 011

“And I was forced to take cover, until the crisis had passed.  The things I have to endure!”

32 thoughts on “Cat Box Catastrophe!

  1. Oh, it is so lovely to have a puppy-dog who goes out-side to dispose of her waste… And it is so lovely to have a man about the house who has a habit of going about the yard with a shovel in hand to ‘clean-up’ said waste…
    However, I have had many a pussy-cat in the past, and hopefully more to come in the future… I will lovingly care for their waste, though hopefully not in the manner in which you describe here….
    This gave me such a chuckle…. :)
    What a gorgeous looking pussy-cat… ;)


  2. The situation–and the pictures!–were great, and I’m still laughing. Calla Lily, one of our last cats, used to let us know when she’d left a ‘gift’ in her litter box. She would kick it out onto the floor and bat it around like a soccer ball. On those occasions, I envied the friends who taught their cats to balance over the human toilet and then do their business. Seriously.
    It really worked. They didn’t use toilet paper or flush, but they did everything else.
    Of course no humans wanted to use their bathroom after that.
    There are trade-offs to everything, I guess…


  3. From the number of comments this blog received we can’t guess who the most popular member of your family is! Superstar!


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