The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

The 12 Days of Christmas

We have reached the half way point, in our celebration, of the 12 Days of Christmas.

First, I must apologize for getting my posts up a tad late, over the past two days.

my blogging chair

But, I have been experiencing a wanton and deliberate misuse of my blogging chair.  Please don’t ask me to explain what has taken over my space.

kitty staring

All I know, is that after asking it to move, I was able to retain usage, of my chair.  Yet, was forced to work with it, staring down at me.  Rather an unsettling feeling, considering Kitty doesn’t blink.

Six geese a laying

I will do my best to write about Six Geese a-Laying, in a timely manner, so Kitty can get back to my (or should I say his) chair.  A-Laying is rather an archaic term.  Using the “a-” before a gerund or participle form of a verb, dates back to the 16th century.  It is meant to reinforce the action, of the verb.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary (yeah – all those volumes are one dictionary).  Well, anyways, according to the OED,
over time, the a- prefix has been omitted, and is usually only found in colloquial speech and writings.

Bob Dylan

Of course, they may not have taken into consideration Bob Dylan.  You know, The Times They Are A-Changin’.   Please don’t tell me the 60’s are archaic – I’m already a-feelin’ rather old.


So, the geese they are a-laying.  And somethin’ is a-happening at The Minefield, and the Kitty – he’s still a-starin’!  So, now I’ll be a-fixin’ to be a-movin’ on outta his chair.  In yet another futile attempt, to keep some form of Peace on Earth here!  Hope you enjoy Day 6.

  1 comment for “The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

  1. December 18, 2012 at 3:01 am

    LOL, the geese won’t be a a-laying long if Kitty gets hold of them. Great post, thanks for the smile tonight.


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