The 12 Days of Christmas, Day 2

The 12 Days of Christmas

Moving onward, to the Second Day of Christmas, December 26th.  Many people in the British Commonwealths will be celebrating Boxing Day.  I have come to understand that they will not be participating in any activity that involves cleaning up left over Christmas boxes nor will they be actively seeking to punch or pummel one another.

Saint Stephen

The Second Day of Christmas is also The Feast Day for Saint Stephen.


Veering slightly off course, this information of holding feasts to celebrate the lives of Saints solves another great lyrical mystery, left over from my childhood.  I now understand the first line of the song, Good King Wenceslas, who according to verse, braved a terrible snow storm in order to deliver gifts to the poor. When Good King Wenceslas looked out, o’re the Feast of Stephen.  I always thought he was looking out over a town named Stephen, not a religious celebration for Saint Stephen.  And I always found it ironic, that a town so poor and destitute would find enough money to throw a party, in their own honor.

Duke of Bohemia

Oh, and another interesting fact, Good King Wenceslas was not a king at all.  He was the Duke of Bohemia (907 AD – 937 AD) and evidently a really good man; as he was eventually canonized as the patron saint of Bohemia.

Two turtle doves

Back to the matter at hand, The Second Day of Christmas also brings us the gift of Two Turtle Doves.   Because they form such strong bonds, with their partner, the turtle dove is often emblematic of devoted love.  Most versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas have one’s true love giving turtle doves, as gifts.  There is a French carol that offers two breasts of veal, but fortunately, turtle doves are an almost unanimous choice.

Old and New Testaments

The gift of Two Turtle Doves has often been said to represent the Old and New Testaments, of the Bible.

Reindeer with decorated antlers

For the Second Day of Christmas, The Minefield didn’t vary much, from the well known lyrics.  We chose two animals, who are in real life, incredibly devoted to one another.  In fact, they are the bestest of friends!  Enjoy.  We love you Colby and Sophie!



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