Blessed Hearts

Opening their hearts and their home, Offspring and his lovely lady, are now the blessed owners of 2 rescue kitties. The cats, both around a year old, came from the same family and are very close friends.  They have been at their new home for a little over 24 hours and these are the first pictures.

Meet Colby.  He’s a big, orange, loveable tabby who loves to talk and be the center of attention.  And, he’s a lap cat!  Here he is exploring a tiny table, in the bedroom.   What a beautiful animal!  I love his face and that large sweeping tail is just amazing.  Colby is the braver (and bigger) of the 2 cats.

This petite, package of preciousness, is Sophie.  She is still a bit timid and tends to like to be near Colby.  But, according to Offspring, she purrs up a storm and enjoys gobbling up Thanksgiving turkey – lol.  Aren’t her markings are just gorgeous! She is an absolute sweetheart.  Look at the curiosity in her beautiful  eyes. 

Both kitties are adapting to their new home very quickly.  Today, they were both out and about, which tells you what a great job their new family is doing, making them feel safe and loved.  Offspring and his gal are both very special, compassionate and loving people. 

Blessings to all those who open their hearts and homes to animals.  And to those who generously donate their time and money to rescue operations. You epitomize the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi,  “For it is in giving, that we receive.”

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