Perception of Clouds

Perception found through rose colored glasses,
Or seen solely in black and white,
Wander amidst hues of light, dusky, gray
With outlooks delightfully bright.
When the dark side of life
Cause one to reflect,
Like a pebble in the pond of thought.
A subtle change of focus
Turns the known to the strange,
Puzzling solutions are sought.
Visions of hope once sharp and fine
Callously touched by the hand of age,
Birthed forth confusion, with a different take
Smeared across a weather framed page.
Impressions perceived can be but a game,
As all of these pictures are one and the same.

Chopin’s Nocturne #20 in C Sharp Minor played by Aimi Kobayashi

Oh, the twisted thoughts that spin round my head. Please share yours!

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