Retro Fan

Remember when carpets were made from long, hairy fibers and glowed the color of flowing lava? 

And any appliance worth using was tinted a pale shade of avocado green?  I swear this picture is of the exact same stove and refrigerator that was in my mother’s kitchen.  They were the only appliances she ever owned.  In fact, she had the whole set. 

This not only included a stove and fridge, but a washer and dryer (no more laundry mat or clothes line)  . . .  and the capstone of the collection . . .

an avocado green crock-pot!  In the era of Retro, everything was either colorful or furry, or both.

Furniture was colorful and furry.

As was clothing,

and puppets!

So, I’ve decided to embark on a sort of “craft” project. I got to thinking, if everything else can be covered in fur, and shaggy and colorful, why not the blades of a fan? It’s a Retro Fan, ’cause I’m a fan of retro. hehehe  (very sorry, that was bad!)

First, and most importantly, you will need one of these (or something like it that goes woof woof).

It needs to have a lot of this stuff, that falls out, on its own accord.

It is also helpful if this is in abundance.  The floatier, the better!

Then you just sit back, leave it alone and undisturbed –  and wait for the magic to happen.

Here’s Kitty, admiring his handiwork and craftsmanship.  We figure in about another 7 to 8 months, it ought to look really cool, man!

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