Month: October 2012



Just a reminder that early voting is now open, in numerous precincts across the country. Some polling places are open this Saturday and Sunday.  Many are open all next week, with hours to accommodate working folks. Neglect the privilege of casting your ballot – forfeit your right to lament and moan about the state of…



Please excuse the current state of this blog.  It’s a bit of a mess! I am attempting to preform an upgrade.  Attempting would be the key word! It’s really a point and click operation, but for some reason, it all seems very complicated. I’m not even going to attempt my own coding lol!   Some…

Time Tested Truths: Teaching


What sculpture is To a block of marble, Education is To the soul. Joseph Addison (1672 – 1719) English writer and politician Quote is almost 300 years old. Time tested truth IS a time tested truth! I often think back to my 10th grade English Literature teacher. I will never forget her encouraging words and…

I Need One of those Penis Thingys


  Yeah, you heard me.  I said it.  I need it – I want it, whatever the proper wording is.   And no, not for THAT reason, you little devils.  How dare you let your mind slither into such nasty realms.  Although, I do admit, I myself must have unwillingly wandered into some parallel realm…


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