Posted in June 2012

If a Cricket Falls

If a Cricket Falls

If you find yourself in the kitchen . . . and If it’s time to prepare dinner . . . and If the dinner is for your favorite Kitty . . . and If a cricket falls from the air vent above . . . and If it manages to land on the top of … Continue reading

Still Hungry

Tonight, this is dinner.  And, if it tastes anything like the other Amy’s Natural and Organic Foods I’ve tried, I’m in for a real treat!  I think her spinach enchilada meal and canned tomato bisque soup are 2 of the tastiest things I’ve eaten in a long time.  Not to mention, they are actually good … Continue reading

A Stitch Just in the Nick of Time

While innocently sitting at my computer, buried in a heap of backlog receipts and expense reports that need to be completed due to some annoyance about paying federal taxes on income and the what not, I was contemplating the fact that I really need to get off my lazy bum and start writing my blog … Continue reading