Month: April 2012

The Useful Blog

As the world wide web, technology and the devices we use to access the internet, continue to invade the boundaries of privacy, in so much as they permeate and define our very existence;  more and more people are finding themselves drowning in a sea of useless electronic information. Many parts of the internet are full…

. . . as the Earth to the Sun

Happy Earth Day, plus 45 minutes.  I’m late, I know.  But, I sort of have a really good reason. It’s all their fault! (That would be Pearl Jam, for those of you lucky people fortunate enough to not have been sucked into the tidal wave, of my obsession.) More specifically, it’s HIS fault.  (Right again,…

It’s Complicated!

Beloved, Kitty and I are happily settling into our brand new pad. Or should I say crib, using the vernacular of the hip cool kids, referring to their domicile.  Moving . . . wow . . . what an Translation – I have mentally and physically recovered from the trauma of  moving into our new…


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