Posted in March 2012

4 days till 1940

Dust off your Glenn Miller records, And slip into a pair of your newfangled nylon hosiery stockings. The 1940 US Federal Census will be released to the public on April 2nd! Considering that the federal census’ are only released once every 12 years, this is a huge event for anyone interested in genealogy. The first … Continue reading

Nerd Weekend

Sorry I didn’t get any blogs written this weekend.  I’ve got a couple in the works, but they just didn’t happen.  And, it’s this guys fault! Yeah, the dude with the funny ears and blue shoes, in the picture below. I was taken by an evil warlock (this guy) and forced to run him through … Continue reading

Remembering . . .

Today I’m remembering (even more so than usual) my mom and my aunt, the twins.  They would have been 83 years old today.  Beulah, my mom, is on the left.  And Beatrice, her twin, is to the right. Here are the twins, with their older sister, Mary Ellen.  Kids haven’t changed much in 80 years.  … Continue reading

World Water Day

In case you didn’t know, and I didn’t until I read an email from the Surfrider Foundation  . . . Tomorrow is World Water Day! I was aware that public access to fresh water and sanitation were huge problems, in many nations.  I just never realized how overwhelming the numbers really are. Nearly 1 billion … Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!

Today is the 1st day of Spring! It’s time for flowers to start blooming. Time for bees to get bizzy buzzy. Butterflies can start butterflying. Mama robin will soon have a hungry brood to feed. And adorable baby animals of all kinds will be taking their first steps. My oh my, what kind of baby … Continue reading

Birthday Booty!

Ok, I’m not quite as elderly as Tweety’s Granny. But, I’m not also not the young chick Cousin Knit-Pearl made me out to be.  (Bless you Cousin Knit-Pearl, your kindness will not be forgotten!) If there is one advantage to growing older, it would be that the birthday loot was quite ample this year!  All … Continue reading