Posted in February 2012

Google’s Gonna Oogle You!

In the times which we now live, where ones privacy is on the verge of extinction, many folks willingly lay out the intimate details of their lives across the internet; like a garage sale, for strangers to pick and pry through.  This situation brings to my recall a very important piece of advice, given to … Continue reading

Famous First Lines by Feline

The opening line of a novel offers an introductory step into the door way of the writer’s world; setting the tone and voice in which the author chooses to reveal the relationships and interactions, of its inhabitants.  The first words a reader encounters upon a page can be the sole determiner as to whether or … Continue reading

Examining Mardi Gras and Boobs

It’s that time of year – already! x Time to throw on your beads. x x Get drunk as a skunk. x x And show off those boobies! x x Aw, that wasn’t very nice of me, to build up your hopes and then let you down like that. x In all honesty, I’ve never … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Remember, no matter how hard corporate America tries to convince you, today is not about . . . x x Who gets the biggest bouquet of overpriced roses delivered to their work place.  Unfortunately, this can quickly evolve into a sick sort of comparative competition between floral recipients, because … Continue reading

The 6 Step Feline Financial Plan

x Today, I have both the honor and privilege of relinquishing the writing duties of “My Daily Minefield,” to one whom I consider to  not only be a trusted friend but also a burgeoning financial guru.  It is my utmost pleasure to introduce: My Kitty, MBA/MSF. x x Wake up dude, you’re on! x x … Continue reading


x I know it’s almost impossible to believe, but today we had a rain storm!  My poor part of the country is in the midst of a terrible drought, hopefully this deluge is the first of many.  Rain, in my town, changes the landscape almost instantaneously. x x It creates a pond, located in our … Continue reading