Posted in January 2012

Death, Taxes and Pornography

There’s an old saying that states, “For every man, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” x x Well, it may be time to update this witticism.  And, I may be the person to do it. The new and improved 2012 version goes as follows: Ahem . . . “For every man, nothing is certain … Continue reading

Year of the Dragon

x Well, here we are, already day #1 into the Year of the Dragon – and so far – so good!  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Lunar Year celebration. x x In case you are interested, this is how to say xin nian kuai le or Happy New Year, in the Mandarin language: I … Continue reading

We Are the 99%

In this current election year, of 2012, it is imperative that political activism remain alive and well, in our country.  x x x x I’m sure many of you noticed that Wikipedia web site is in blackout mode; in protest of the internet anti-piracy bills, currently pending before Congress. x x Other popular sites, including … Continue reading


DFMYSFSCUDMF I know this post makes just about as much sense as some of the other gibberish I’ve shared lol!  But, feel free to ignore it – I’m testing something and this really is a nonsense no meaning post – this time!

The Mayan’s Could be Wrong

x x I don’t claim to be gifted with the ability of prophecy; in any means, shape or form.  But, I have a bad feeling that Mayan’s could be wrong.  Many people believe that the Mayan calendar foreshadows the end of the world, because the last recorded date on their calendar is December 21, 2012. … Continue reading