Monthly Archives: January 2012

Death, Taxes and Pornography

There’s an old saying that states, “For every man, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” x x Well, it may be time to update this witticism.  And, I may be the person to do it. The new and improved 2012 version goes as follows: Ahem . . . “For every man, nothing is certain…

Year of the Dragon

x Well, here we are, already day #1 into the Year of the Dragon – and so far – so good!  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Lunar Year celebration. x x In case you are interested, this is how to say xin nian kuai le or Happy New Year, in the Mandarin language: I…

We Are the 99%

In this current election year, of 2012, it is imperative that political activism remain alive and well, in our country.  x x x x I’m sure many of you noticed that Wikipedia web site is in blackout mode; in protest of the internet anti-piracy bills, currently pending before Congress. x x Other popular sites, including…


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