Posted in November 2011

Winter . . . Ah, Winter

x x “Winter . . . ah, Winter.”   One of the goofy sayings that I hear over and over, while playing World of Warcraft with Beloved and his faithful Dwarf. And it’s finally almost here!  This is my favorite time of year. Time throw open the windows and attempt to get cold.  Nothing like freezing … Continue reading


Yesterday, I offered advice and a warning of the trauma one may experience, upon seeing pictures of your own weird body parts. x x x x Today, I offer you a horrific example of exactly what can go wrong. x x When cat’s teeth rise above the brink, x x x x Alas, the night … Continue reading

I got a Shellac-ing

I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon for what is supposed to be one of the newest and hottest ways to have your nails manicured.  It’s called Shellac Nails.  Ok, the technique is about a year old.  But for me, that is practically a cutting edge trend!  It’s quick to have done, it doesn’t have a … Continue reading

Sometimes (part twee) . . .

Sometimes  . . . the internet is used for superfluous reasons. x x x x Like translating the word “two” into Dutch, “twee” x x Sometimes . . . I think every man should wear a kit around the house.  You know, a soccer uniform. x x x x When Beloved puts on his gear, … Continue reading

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes . . . I really wish I were a monkey!   x x x x And a small warning sign, hung on my cage door, would grant me absolution from the bad things I do. x x Sometimes  . . .  I wish the magnetic pole’s of the Earth would shift and the weather … Continue reading

Contrary Mary

Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells And pretty maids all in a row. x x x x This summer and the unyielding heat that accompanied it was brutal on the garden.  My plantings never came close the peaceful and well ordered English countryside look that I … Continue reading