Posted in July 2011


Boy, Beloved is touchy today.  We are both in the computer room.  I’m working on my family tree and he’s playing the game FIFA Manager; where he dutifully leads his virtual football club (that’s soccer for us yanks) to glorious success or blazing defeat.  This is Fernando Torres.  He plays football for the Spanish National … Continue reading

Another Brick in The Wall

Yep, it’s that time of year . . . again . . . already. Our planet has completed one full revolution around the Sun. And Beloved and I can etch yet another well earned mark into the cell wall. Yes, that’s right, you guessed it.  Today is our Anniversary.  We’ve been married 9 years.  I … Continue reading

“The List”

It took me a tad longer than expected.  But, as promised, I have persevered on my journey to uncover the hidden secrets surrounding Nana “The List” Seastar.  Dare I say that I found my adventures to be much in the fashion of those experienced by Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Arc.” While that … Continue reading

Oo-oo That Smell

A few weeks ago Beloved and I spent time at the home of El Capitán and Nana Sea Star.  Their home is so nice.  Nana Sea Star has a great eye for style. Her home is incredibly organized and beautifully decorated.  Yet, she still manages to make it feel very very comfortable.  It’s the kind … Continue reading

All Corked Up

Hello Dear Blog, Yes, I know, I have spurned you for the past 7 weeks.  It is nothing personal.  You did nothing wrong.  Really, it’s not you – it’s me.  You see, talking with you, even about the inane subjects we seem to discuss, evokes emotion.  And for a while there, that wasn’t a good … Continue reading