Posted in April 2011

Word Association: Star Date -311674.17

Shall We Play A Game? x No, not Global Thermonuclear War, silly. Let’s play Word Association: Where Shall We Begin? Here’s a good place – What is everybody talking about? The Royal Wedding, of course. x And after the Royal Wedding, what did everyone want to see the newlyweds do? That’s right: Kiss x See, … Continue reading

Fun Filled Friday Facts

Yes, it’s Finally Friday.  So, here a few random facts, gathered throughout this week, that I feel compelled to share. Fact #1 –  Mascara can be an appropriate substitute if your next hair appointment is still a few days into the future; but, you have gray roots growing in right NOW. Just take the mascara, … Continue reading


Beloved made a dreadful mistake this weekend.  He causally mentioned, that in his opinion, “Kate Middleton is a stunning woman.”  Did I fail to note that he had just donned his “Captain Obvious Hat” when this epiphany struck? For those of you who are not “in the loop,” Kate Middleton, (who by the way IS … Continue reading


Sing to the tune of the chorus “We Are the Champions” We are the Bun Buns my friend, And we’ll keep on hopping till the end. We are the Bun Buns, We are the Bun Buns, Know we are happy, Cause we’re eating candeeeeee . . . Ha’py Easter Squee!

Strawberry Fields and Spinach Leaves Forever

First and foremost, let me begin by stating that there are numerous flaws contained within this blog post.  The most pronounced being that I am NOT the central character. x The second being, who in their right mind would ever get excited about the combination of  strawberries and spinach? 10-4 I copy that!  I coming in … Continue reading

Inappropriate Reading Material: Part 1

The English project that will live in infamy.  It was my sophomore year of high school and I had the most wonderful British Literature teacher in the entire world, Mrs. L.  She was a tiny woman, most likely in her 60′s; who wore blouses covered in big bright flowers and her gray hair twisted up … Continue reading

A Rose by Any Other Name

Over the past few days, I have spent an inordinate amount of time goofing around on  I am extremly fortunate to have access to numerous genealogical resources of my own, including family Bibles and old photos which makes playing around with genealogy, much more fun. Let me tell you, those leaves on my family … Continue reading


I would love to be able to walk outside, snap a shot of the horizon and not have to edit roof tops and light posts out of my pictures. xxx Standing on a lawn chair and hanging over my neighbor’s fence still doesn’t do the trick. x I’m a couple of feet taller, but still … Continue reading


They’re here! They’re here! They are finally here!  I have captured the moment in photos and wanted share! The 20th anniversary re- release of Pearl Jam’s VS. and Vitalogy albums in VINYL!!!  Yes, they are LP albums;  33 1/3 speed Long Playing record albums. And they sound so much better than a CD or MP3, … Continue reading

A Night Out

Beloved, Offspring and myself had a wonderful evening last night.  We attended the Spring event offered by the MSC Wiley Lecture Series.  Offspring is a member of the program and research department of the Wiley Committee, so it made the whole night just a little more special. The subject of the lecture was, “Globalization Goes … Continue reading