Posted in March 2011

Dig It

This is the opening scene from the YouTube trailer advertising the documentary, Dig It. Not sure when it will be released, but I am very interested in seeing the final product.  The film focuses on what happens when citizens, musicians, organizations, corporations, and government come together as one to solve environmental problems in their communities. Here’s the … Continue reading

Sunday Sing Along

The year is 1979; Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of England, gas is 86 cents a gallon, Sony introduces the Walkman, the game Trivial Pursuit is launched and . . . Singer Pat Benatar releases her hit single, Heartbreaker. Have a listen: watch?v=vy-QmgdUVTI Paying tribute to an oldie but most definitely a goodie, I … Continue reading

Fist On My Plate

WARNING: This post contains: *  The “F” word, twice, towards the bottom of the post (It’s been one of those days) *  Hot pics of Eddie Vedder (It’s been one of those days, lol) *  An amazing song, with lyrics I cling to like a rebellious 15 year old.  Which is probably the most disturbing … Continue reading

Kitty Chores

Today was a very busy day around the house.  As usual, I pitched in and offered my help.  First chore of the morning was sorting the laundry. x I was careful to dump every item out of the basket. x That way there was more room for me to stretch out.   x Then, after … Continue reading


No matter how hard I try to hide away, in my pixelated fantasy game world, reality somehow always manages to make its presence known.  For over 5 years, World of Warcraft has been my refuge. I use it as a form of both entertainment and escape. x   Yet, even as a magic addicted, pointy eared, … Continue reading

Inspiration part 1

My Beloved is sick. He wants food from McDonalds. Whenever anyone in my family gets sick, that’s what they want to eat. He’s using copious amount of Kleenex. Doubt if I get the same inspiration from gazing into a bag of hamburgers that Hemingway did from observing the Spanish Civil War, but I shall try. … Continue reading

Yesterday . . .

Yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful outside! I try to take advantage of this balmy spring weather because once the oppressive heat and humidity set in, I’m done till November. Summer time here, in my little world, can most definitely be compared with living on the Hell Mouth (for all you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans). … Continue reading

Furry Knees

I swear there is an area, just to the side of my left knee, that hasn’t seen skin growth in well over 3 decades.  Somehow, I manage to nick the exact same spot every single time I shave my legs.  To stop the bleeding, I wad up a piece of tissue, spit on it and … Continue reading

Perceive my Point of View

Sometimes, amazingly wonderful things happen.  Like getting the computer of your dreams as a birthday gift! x x Or, you take a chance and try to do something nice for somebody (who doesn’t own a computer or read this blog so don’t worry they don’t know I’m talking about them) x x x And it … Continue reading